Areas of Practice

Appellate Law

Our law firm is here to help you when the trial process ends and the outcome is not what you expected or wanted. We have experience in appellate representation and trial support in a wide variety of litigation, including business, complex commercial, personal injury, trust and estate, and family law. We provide both written and oral argument expertise in appeals and original proceedings, offering assistance with error preservation and drafting legal documents, such as trial pleadings, appellate briefs, pretrial through post-judgment motions, responses and replies, jury charges, settlements, and judgments.

Real Estate

Legal services in the area of real estate law fall into two categories — litigation and transactional work. We handle both types of real estate law. Our attorneys handle a wide assortment of real estate litigation matters, including, but not limited to, title matters, bona fide purchaser status, lien and ownership priority, easement rights, mechanic’s liens, adverse possession and other prescriptive rights, trespass to try title cases, rights of first refusal, and mineral conveyance disputes. We can also be of great assistance in buying, selling, or leasing both residential and commercial properties by reviewing or drafting real estate contracts, title commitments, lease agreements, and property management agreements. We welcome consulting with you to determine whether it is necessary to get a real estate attorney involved.


We understand the various legal needs of businesses. We have the experience to address legal services for a wide range of business concerns, including company formation, governance and management, and business transactions (commercial leases, franchise agreements, sale of goods and services agreements, employment and confidentiality agreements, and contracts between vendors and suppliers. If you are in need of a business attorney, we are here to help. Our attorneys help clients with an assortment of transactional business needs, such as forming business entities, corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, or non-profits to better assist them in achieving their business goals. For a consultation on how we can assist you in meeting your business goals, contact us now.

Traffic Violations

A traffic violation can be as minor as failing to signal when changing lanes or as serious as reckless endangerment. By law, these infractions are considered criminal offenses because they put people in danger.

Don’t wait to take action. If you were recently cited for a traffic violation, such as speeding, it’s important that you take legal action as soon as possible. While one traffic infraction may not seem like a big deal, if you’re found guilty of committing such a violation, you may face monetary fines and in some cases, jail time. Additionally, multiple violations may result in the loss of your driver’s license.

Our law firm represents individuals facing traffic violations, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your charges. Even if you may think that you’re dealing with a simple infraction, the reality is that you’re being accused of breaking the law. You should, therefore, do everything you can to protect yourself from tough legal penalties, and the first step includes obtaining representation from our team of attorneys. Should your case progress to trial, we’ll provide you with aggressive representation every step of the way.

Estate Planning

When the term “estate planning” is used, most people envision a will or a trust; however, in reality, a comprehensive estate plan involves much more. Our firm uses a comprehensive estate-planning approach to address a variety of planning issues, such as planning for any future incapacity and creditor protection for your beneficiaries. Our lawyers are also experienced in a variety of techniques to address complex scenarios presented by blended families, same-sex relationships, and family-owned businesses, to name a few examples.


We assist executors, personal representatives of estates, creditors, heirs, and devisees in the administration of estates and claims against estates. Each estate is different, and we bring a variety of experience to each and every case. Many clients are unfamiliar with the process of probating a loved one’s will. Likewise, the Firm represents clients whose loved ones left no will.


The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) protects consumers from “false, misleading, or deceptive acts or practices.” A consumer who prevails may obtain the amount of actual damages found by the trier of fact. In some cases, a consumer can obtain treble damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees. We are here to help you find redress against businesses and individuals who commit fraud or actively misrepresent their goods and/or services.

Family Law

Divorce, custody, and other types of family law issues can be complex and emotional for all parties involved. We are a team of compassionate people that understands that you are frustrated and emotional. We will help guide you and stand beside you in your time of need.

Civil Ligitation

We assist individuals and businesses in assorted commercial and civil litigation matters, often involving a broad array of disputes and legal matters. We recommend that you contact our Law Firm to determine whether we can handle your particular legal needs.

Below are just some of the types of cases that we handle for clients:

  • Small Claims
  • Business Torts
  • Contruction / Construction Defect Case
  • Contract Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Oil & Gas
  • Real Estate Cases
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